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Link Building Services

Build Authority with White Hat Backlink Building

Links are one of Google’s most important search ranking factors. Avoid penalties and blackhat tactics. Partner with the top link building company with a proven record of acquiring high quality links through digital PR, custom outreach, and content development. Request a free custom strategy from our experts!

Tired of Link Building Challenges?

If any of these challenges sound familiar, meet BHive Digital Kenya. Our Digital PR Team is well-versed in the most advanced backlink strategies. We provide custom link building services designed to acquire white hat links on relevant sites. We have help thousands of clients generate high-quality backlinks!

A Weak Backlink Profile

Trouble Getting Relevant Links

Tough Competition

Low Domain Authority

No Time to Build Links

Not Enough In-House Expertise

Poor Keyword Rankings

Organic Search Traffic Declining

Poor Results with Prior Agencies

Our Services
What Our Backlink Services Include

Link Building is a critical key to effective search engine optimization. But in the wrong hands, you could be putting your website at risk of harsh penalties. Our trusted experts utilize Best-in-Class link building techniques to achieve optimal results That’s why we vet link sources, perform manual outreach, and ensure relevance for the highest quality links.

Expert Outreach

  • White Hat Link Building
  • Manual Outreach
  • Journalist/Blogger Targeting
  • Link Bait Creation
  • Relevant Site/Content Focus

Quality Backlinks

  • High Authority Links
  • Content Marketing
  • Contextual Links
  • Broken Backlinks
  • Backlink Reclamation

Reporting & Analytics

  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Attempted Links List
  • Acquired Links Report
  • 24/7 Insite Reporting Access

What to Expect With Your Backlink Campaign

As a leading link building agency, every person working on your campaign is expertly trained at the highest level. Our Digital PR team takes pride in the quality of backlinks they produce for our clients!

Our Process

How Our Process works

Data Gathering

You’ll have an initial kick-off meeting with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and other team members on your account. This call will cover questions about your business, pages to receive backlinks, your key competitors, and communication cadence with primary stakeholders

Internal Strategies

The experts on your account will conduct an internal strategy session to determine the best link building tactics informed from the information gathered so far.

Insite Dashboard

After the link building process has begun, your BSM will give you a walkthrough of the InSite Dashboard, our proprietary reporting platform. Here, you’ll be able to see all of the links built for you as well as attempted links. Your organic traffic data will also be visible with Google Analytics integration.

Scheduled Meetings

Regular meetings will be scheduled with your BSM to discuss link acquisition performance, updates to strategy, and your progress.

Strategy Adjustments

Sometimes, an adjustment to your link building strategy is needed to get the best returns and highest quality links. You’ll be informed of any changes along the way.

Professional Link Outreach

There are link building companies will let you “buy links” for a set price. Google catches blackhat work and penalizes websites that use link farms to increase their inbound links. Our Digital PR team performs outreach that earns you links the right way!


Journalist/Blogger Targeting

We pitch your website as a resource to content creators. We have built relationships with hundreds of journalists and bloggers, making new connections everyday.

Link Bait Utilization

Do you have an informative article or a great resource tool? We will utilize the content that makes you special, to make a compelling pitch as to why a content creator should link to your website in their articles.

Relevant Sites

Getting backlinks placed in content that’s relevant to your business matters. Search engines can associate topics to the websites that are linked based on the content on the page.

High Quality Link Building

Not all links are created equal. You can find cheap links to purchase from hundreds of vendors online, but those links won’t stand the test of time. Eventually Google’s algorithm catches these links and can penalize the websites that purchased them. It’s never worth cutting corners. Our link builders adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that your website is building a strong and stable backlink profile.

High Authority Links

Our expert link builders only reach out to to obtain links from websites that meet our high quality standards. They consider the domain authority of the site and if the website performs well in Google’s search results.

Content Marketing

Our team has built relationships with hundreds of publishers and the numbers grows daily. They are experts at pitching story ideas for your website and content, that will generate earned links.

Contextual Links

Google’s algorithm is very savvy and context matters with links. We only target our link acquisition efforts around content that is relevant to our clients businesses.

Backlink Acquisition Reports

We’re proud of the work we do and the results they deliver. That’s why we send monthly link building reports to keep you informed about the links we’ve generated for your site.


Link Outreach Attempts

In the interest of transparency, every month we provide a list of the websites we are reaching out to on your behalf.

Links Acquired

Each month we will report back to you the exact links we successfully acquired, their domain authority, and their organic traffic amounts.

Superior Customer Service

We want you to feel safe in the investment into your website’s future. Our Brand Success team keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

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