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Google Ads Management

As a trusted Google Partner, our team can grow your sales and leads through highly targeted search campaigns. Request a free custom strategy from our Google Ads experts!

Tired of Dealing With Google Advertising Challenges?

If any of these problems sound familiar, meet BHive Digital Kenya. As a leading Google Ads management agency, we have worked with hundreds of clients just like you, across all types of industries, solving these same issues.

Not Enough Sales or Leads

Declining ROI

Poor Campaign Performance

Rising Google Ads Expenses

Shopping Campaigns Not Effective

Low Conversion Rates

Poor Agency Relationship

Below Average Quality Scores

Wasted Advertising Budget

Our Services
Our Google AdWords Service

The Google Ads experts at BHive Digital Kenya pride themselves on developing winning advertising campaigns that targets relevant keywords, producing quality sales and leads. Whether it is Google search ads, display network, or a shopping campaign; our highly skilled team is ready to maximize your advertising dollars and turn them into customers!

Campaign Management

  • Google Search & Display
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Youtube / Video Ads
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Bid Management for Conversions

Best-in-Class Targeting

  • Relevant Keyword Research
  • Negative Keyword Lists
  • Behavior & Interest Targeting
  • Customer Demographics
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Remarketing Campaigns

Reporting & Analytics

  • 24/7 Access to HV Insite Dashboard
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Conversion Goals / Sales Tracking
  • Call Tracking Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Service

What To Expect With Your Google Ads Campaign

You’ll never wonder if we’re doing what we promised.
We believe in earning your business – and your trust – every single month.

Our Process

How Our Process works

Data Gathering

An initial kick-off meeting will be held with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and the key Google advertising team members who will be formulating the campaign strategy. The goal of this meeting is to gain a deeper understanding of your business, identify your primary/secondary goals, and any important KPIs.

Internal Strategies

After completing your kick-off meeting, the Google Ads team will have an internal strategy discussion to formulate your campaign strategy. From there, they will begin to execute the ongoing strategy to achieve your sales goals.

Insite Dashboard

Once your campaign is ready to launch, your BSM will schedule a walkthrough of the BHive Digital Kenya InSite Dashboard. This is where you will be able to gain access to all the performance statistics of your campaign.

Scheduled Meetings

Unlike other Google Ads agencies, we believe in complete transparency. Your BSM will have regularly scheduled meetings with you to discuss strategy, campaign performance, upcoming tasks, and miscellaneous progress updates.

Quarterly Reviews

Once each quarter your BSM will review with you the long-term objectives, current strategy, campaign performance, and KPIs. It is important for us to be on the same page, which makes for a much more fruitful partnership. If there are any changes to the needs of your business, this is a great time to communicate those.

Google Ad Strategy Adjustments

As a leading Google Ads management service, we are in-tune with the ever-changing paid search landscape. Our Google Ads experts are prepared to make any necessary adjustments to obtain optimal performance for your business.

Google Campaign Management

We provide best-in-class Google Ads management services, using our understanding of your target audience to deliver you quality customers. If leveraged appropriately, the Google Ads networks can prove to be your most effective paid marketing channel.

Google Ads Networks

Google provides the greatest reach of any advertising platform. Through Google search, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, and Youtube; they provide a multitude of ways to connect with potential customers. Our skilled team knows how to use each platform to their fullest potential, delivering consistent results for our clients.

Relentless Testing

Continued testing is essential for the success of any marketing campaign and the same is true for Google. Our PPC experts are always testing ad copy to improve click through and conversion rates. They may also make landing page suggestions to squeeze every last conversion out of the traffic sent to your website.

Quality Score Improvements

Google’s quality score metric relies upon expected click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience. A low quality score will increase the amount you pay for a visitor, but it will also suppress how often your ad is displayed. Our team will work to maximize your quality score to improve your campaign performance.

Optimized Bid Management

Our experts are focused on providing your company with the most sales and leads possible, at the most affordable cost.

Ideal Customer Targeting

Google’s ad platform has several targeting options that our experts will utilize to get your ads in front of your potential customers. These targeting capabilities can mean the difference of paying for a click that is just browsing, or one that is ready to transact into a sale.

Relevant Keyword Targeting

Our team performs detailed research, including a competitor analysis, to identify the search phrases in your industry that consumers use when they are ready to transact. We also monitor the keywords that don’t lead to conversions, and will build negative keyword lists for your campaign.

Demographics & Consumer Interests

With your campaigns we have the ability to target specific income ranges, ages, and gender profiles. We also can target by known interests and topics. Using your customer database, we can have your ads displayed in front of potential customers that look very similar to your current clients.

Visitor Remarketing Campaigns

Displaying ads to visitors that have visited your website and are already familiar with your company, is a highly effective way to increase sales. It is generally much more affordable to bring back a visitor that maybe wasn’t ready at that moment to complete a sale, then it is to seek out a new potential customer.

Transparent Reporting & Analytics

When you select a Google AdWords management company, you should know what you are paying for. We are very proud of the PPC campaigns that we manage for our clients, and we are happy to show you the results!

Detailed reports

View all the important KPIs related to your PPC campaign such as keywords, average CPCs, CTRs, number of conversions, etc.

Integration with Google Analytics

Our BHive Digital Kenya InSite Dashboard offers seamless integration with Google Analytics, enabling you to access comprehensive traffic data—including direct, organic search, paid search, and referrals—all from a single location.

24/7 HV Insite Dashboard Access

24/7 HV Insite Dashboard access. Our Insite dashboard provides you with an easy to use interface that allows you to view your important campaign information. You can also schedule reports to be emailed to you.

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